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Apart Back In Time: Bond Holiday Packages

In this series we take a look back over the past 10 years to see how our fabulous supporters and sponsors have made the APART project such a success. Without their amazing and generous support our fundraising efforts would be so much more difficult.

Our Charity Ball Auction is the driving force behind our fundraising activities and ever since our first Apart Ball and Auction back in 2015, we have been looking to give our supporters the opportunity to get their hands on some astonishing experiences.

In 2015, we wanted to give people the opportunity to stay at the Grandhotel Pupp, Karlovy Vary, Czechia, which was one of the key filming locations for the world-famous James Bond film, Casino Royale, starring Daniel Craig as 007. The kindness of the Grandhotel Pupp's team set the bar for all future events and left our attendees wanting more luxurious and special opportunities.

In 2018, we were delighted to gain the support of the wonderful Das Central in Sölden, Austria, who helped us put together a James Bond SPECTRE package staying in the same hotel as the 007 Producers and Director and dining at the iceQ restaurant, which doubled as the Hoffler Klinik in the spy blockbuster. Again, this was a huge success and smashed all of our expectations.

With the Covid pandemic halting our in-person fundraising activities it was another 5 years before we got back together to organise our Greatest Show Ball which became our most successful event to date, taking our overall fundraising total for the project to over £125,500 for Cancer Research UK. The auction this year brought the Apart Ball ball back with a bang and our Bond Matera No Time To Die package gave one of our supporters the opportunity to live the Bond lifestlyle in the stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site of Matera, Italy, in the splendid luxury of the Palazzo Gattini; the hotel where the stars Daniel Craig and Léa Seydoux stayed during filming in this magical city.

Over the years the locations of James Bond films have helped us raise so much money and awareness for Cancer Research UK and given our generous winning bidders the experiences of a lifetime. We contacted our winners to tell us about the amazing times they had...

Grandhotel Pupp | Karlovy Vary, Czechia | Phil & Mel

Phil & Mel were our first winning bidders of the Bond package, as they and two friends flew off to Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) in Czechia to experience Casino Royale's Hotel Splendide, which in reality is the magnificent Grandhotel Pupp. They sat in the room where Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) and Bond did, as well as experiencing the fantastic spa and casino. They stayed in the Presidential Suite and had a few fabulous days living the life of the famous fictional international super spy!

"At our first Apart ball we bid for the James Bond Casino Royale experience and were amazed with the package that had been put together! Following in the footsteps of James Bond and actually playing roulette in the official Casino that Mr. Bond did was brilliant, the Grandhotel Pupp was incredible."

Das Central | Sölden, Austria | Phil & Mel

When our second Bond Package was unveiled as a spectacular opportunity to head to the amazing Sölden, Austria to stay in the 5 star Das Central and dine at the stunning iceQ restaurant we knew it was going to be a fantastic contest on the night for the bidders. But nothing could stop Phil & Mel from once again going big for the opportunity to hit the slopes in luxury in Sölden. This time Mel & Phil experienced haute-cuisine, wonderful Tyrolean hospitality and pampering in the Spa. They loved it so much they returned the following year!

"The James Bond experience was amazing and getting to stay at the Das Central hotel just blew our mind, not only did we do a great thing for the Apart Charity (Fundraiser) we got to go on the trip of a lifetime!"

Palazzo Gattini | Matera, Italy | Matt & Laura

In 2023, our first ball after the pandemic, we were fortunate to gain the support of the wonderful team at Palazzo Gattini, Matera, Italy who offered two lucky people the chance to follow (quite literally) in the footsteps of the stars of James Bond's epic No Time To Die cinematic masterpiece. Not only staying at the Palazzo Gattini, but eating in the same restaurant, standing in the iconic Piazza Duomo of Bond's epic motorbike chase scene through the city and experiencing the amazing spa treatments available on site. It was a moment of great suspense on the night as multiple people battled to take home the amazing prize. But, in the end, the lucky couple Matt & Laura sealed the deal and took home the magical package, and just a few months later they were in the sun-soaked, paved streets of historic Matera, living the life of luxury at the beautiful Palazzo Gattini.

"Put my hand up to catch the waiter for more wine!... A few months later we ended up in Italy, spending a long weekend in a real life movie set that went far and above our own expectations. The hotel, service and gastronomy were as impeccable as the scenery. Matera was a place we would never have considered before, whereas now we go on to recommend to all our friends. Best wine order ever!"

So, as we begin to plan and search for our prizes and star packages for this year's monumental Back In Time: 10th Anniversary Ball at Scarborough Spa, we hope we can bring another fantastic selection of experiences to our fantastic supporters and would like to send our sincere thanks to our wonderful supporters. Without their incredible help and support, we would not be able to raise vital funds in the battle against cancer.


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