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Apart Ball 2019: Hollywood Themed

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Our 2018 event, ‘Skyball’ was a huge success and soon after, the creative team began work on the 2019 event which we decided would be Hollywood / Oscars Themed.

We received tremendous support from many people including a luxury bond package which included 3 nights at Das Central Hotel in Solden, Austria (the hotel where the Director and Producer of ‘Spectre’ stayed at during shooting) with lunch at the spectacular iceQ restaurant (the Hoeffler Klinik in ‘Spectre’) and also an N.Peal sweater (the same as the one worn by Daniel Craig in the film.)

The incredible support we received led to the event being the most successful to date, with a staggering £21,510 raised on the night.

Music and entertainment throughout the evening was provided by Michelle Lawson and DJ Paddy Billington.


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